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Payment & Postage
payment for Cremation Memorials are due before any work can begin. We accept most major credit and debit cards and we will send you an invoice  via email. A cremation pack will be sent once payment has been made.
Cremation Memorials are dispatched via Royal Mail Special Delivery charged at £7.30 regardless of how many items are ordered per pack. 
Delivery of your order
Upon receipt of your order, we will send you a confirmation call or email to let you know it has arrived with us safely, we will also call or email nearer the time of completion to tell you when you can expect to receive your piece.
The expected delivery date is a guide only and the actual delivery date may be before or after this date.  

Returns, Refunds and Guarantees
A refund will only be given if for whatever reason I cannot finish or create your order.
Our annealed Glass Memorials are guaranteed not to brake,crack or chip upon delivery.
 You will have 14 days to contact us if you notice any such flaws, and a repair or a replacement memorial will be made at no extra charge.
If you drop,smash or expose the glass to extreme hot or cold temperature changes it could crack. Please be very careful because this is not covered and and will not be refunded or replaced for free.We do not give refunds on custom pieces.
Under most normal circumstances your glass will last a lifetime with normal wear.
All of our Memorials are unique as they are hand made. If you order identical  pieces please do allow for subtle differences in colour as sometimes chemical reactions from the Ashes can happen.

What if my Glass Memorial breaks?
Although we kiln anneal our glass to make it more durable, glass dose have a reputation of breaking if it is not handled appropiately.
If a glass bead has broken,it is difficult to repair it to the original design, however we may be able to recycle your bead into a new piece, but as there are many challenges in this type of repair work, a fee will be charged for this service the amount will depend on the piece involved and the amount of work involved. 

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