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We make Cremation Memorials and Cremation Glass Jewellery by incorporating a small amount of your loved ones ashes in glass and in silver, we then heat to temperatures as high as 1100 degrees celsius to respectfully blend them together with the molten glass or silver mixture. 
It is then worked in the open flame to the desired shape. Once the artist is happy with the colour and shape of the Cremation Memorial Piece it is then placed into a kiln to go through the annealing process.
Annealing is a very important part of the creation process, it allows the hot glass to cool back down to room temperature at a slow controlled rate, after which the finished Memorial Keepsake will be strong, durable and last for lifetimes to come.
The Ashes become a part of the design of the piece and are quite beautiful with the reflected light on them.
Each order is hand made separately from any other orders and at every part of the process all precautions are taken to ensure that no orders are ever crossed at any time.
cremation jewellery with ashes into glass bead bracelet Silver £260Cremation glass heart
Silver Jewelery
We make all our Silver Memorial Jewellery with Sterling Silver. A mold is made to the desired design and then the Cremation Ash is carefully placed onto the back of piece then coated in layers of more Silver. and it is then fired inside a kiln to permanently fix in place. After the Silver Piece has cooled enough to touch it is then hand polished to a high finish.
cremation jewellery with cremated ashes inside Silver pendant
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