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Garden Sculptures
All our Stained Glass Garden Sculptures will contain a small amount of your Loved Ones Cremated Ashes between the centre layers only. These modern designs can look great in any garden no matter what the size. They are a perfect everlasting remembrance piece, that you can spend precious time with in your own garden or give as a unique Memorial Keepsake to Family members.
The panel designs come on sturdy cast iorn spokes that you insert into the ground. They are weather proof  too so they will stand the test of time in all seasons.
These memorial pieces give beautiful displays of colour in the garden, they can easily be removed and taken with you if you ever have to moved homes.
We make and design the garden Sculptures in any colour, just let us know your choice, you can even combine colours if you so wish. The design showing here is in hues of purple.
Purple Haze £500
size: 9 x 22 inches
Code: SGS-PH
More designs Comming soon!
Please note: unfortunately we are not able to take telephone orders but if you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ page then please call us on: 07580516723
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