Keeping Loved Ones Close

Designer Sarah at her workbench

Designer Sarah

Forever Close Memorials is a family-run company started by artist and designer, Sarah Crawford. Her hand-crafted glass and silver pieces provide a unique form of comfort following the loss of a loved one and are a beautiful and personal memorial of someone special.

Being a small company, Forever Close Memorials offers a personalised service that's committed to meeting each individual customer needs. Sarah takes the time to ensure that customers get the very best service and attention from order to delivery.

Not surprisingly, a high percentage of business continues to be from referrals and word of mouth. However, as the company grows, Sarah is committed to keeping the customer and providing the best service the focus of her business.

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The Start of Something Special

Sarah Crawford has been creating and selling her hand-crafted glassware and jewellery since 1992. In 2008 she had made some commission pieces containing ashes for a few customers however, it wasn't until her mother died that she started making the cremation glass memorial jewellery that she specialises in making today...

After her mother's death she wanted to create something for her and her siblings that would symbolise their mother and some type of jewellery was perfect. Sarah's mother was cremated so to give the jewellery additional significance, Sarah combined a small amount of her mother's ashes into cremation glass which she then crafted into six individual pendant pieces for her and her siblings.

What first came as a surprise was the beauty of the ashes combined with the glass but what then followed was the realisation that she had made pieces that did much more than symbolise her mother's life.

A Special Way to Remember a Loved One

Being able to have something that could be with her at all times to represent and remember her mother in such a special way was incredibly comforting. Sarah found that holding her memorial enabled her to feel close to her mother and remember fond moments with her - having a connection to her mother was especially meaningful on special occasions such as when she became a grandmother.

Not long after this, Sarah launched Forever Close Memorials and started creating memorial jewellery containing cremation ashes for others who have lost loved ones.

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