Our memorials are made entirely by hand,one order at a time and are completely unique. When making your cremation Glass Jewellery from your loved ones ashes its important to us that the Ashes not only bring you comfort but that they also look beautiful as a main feature of the design, you can rest assure you'll never see another one exactly like yours. Only the highest materials are used to create our products.

Molten glass rod being worked in the flame

We respectfully combine a small amount of your loved ones ashes into the molten glass to form the initial shape. The piece then goes into a digitally controlled kiln to cool down at a controlled rate for the glass to be annealed for strength, this takes several hours.

Ashes Glass Charm Beads, Ashes in Jewellery Glass, Ashes to Jewellery Glass

Shaping the cremation stone

When the glass has cooled down it's removed from the kiln and re-shaped to the correct size for the setting, we do this by hand using traditional lapidary gemstone equipment fitted with different grades of diamond wheels.

The precious metal jewellery setting is made ready for the stone to be set

The precious metal ring is made to the correct size and Hallmarked, it is then polished to a mirror finish ready for the stone to be set into it, after this stage we can engrave any personal messages onto some selected jewellery for customers free of charge.

Ashes Glass Charm Beads, Ashes in Jewellery Glass, Ashes to Jewellery Glass

The finished piece

When your jewellery is complete it is once again inspected and given a unique Certificate Of Authenticity card, gift wrapped and ready to send to the customer.

Ashes Glass Charm Beads, Ashes in Jewellery Glass, Ashes to Jewellery Glass

One of the most heartwarming pieces of jewellery you'll ever own

We produce beautiful practical, pieces made with the attention to detail, and with the utmost care and respect that your loved one rightly deserves.

Your unique hand-crafted jewellery will encapsulate (part of) your loved one; a timeless piece which you will be proud to wear and cherish every single day as wonderful reminder of them.

All Forever Close Memorial Jewellery will arrive in a gift box and bag with a Certificate Of Authenticity, free polishing cloth and aftercare instruction.

Keeping Loved ones close forever X

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Ashes in glass drop charm

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