We love our pets and believe that family pets hold a special place in our hearts, the death of a beloved pet can also be an overwhelming loss so we have decided to offer our memorials for them too .
Any of our cremation memorials on this website can be produced for your pets, every care is taken with their ashes just as it is with any other. We can sometimes make a piece incorporating the colours of your pets coat, if this is something you could be interested in please contact us before placing your order.

Red Cremation Glass Pendant

Jewellery for cremation ashes

wisteria Cremation Glass Charm Bead

Ashes into Jewellery

£50.00 Gift e-Voucher


Pink Cremation Glass Pendant

Glass Pendants

Plum Cremation Glass Charm Bead

Ashes into Jewellery

Silver Chain

18 Inch Sterling Silver Chain