Bespoke Item


select from the list below. If ordering a Name Tag Charm as space is limited, please state First name only/Date only or one word only.
Please state the colour combination (no more than 2 colours in one item) that you would like for your bespoke memorial in the message box at checkout.

Please select this item alongside your cremation order if you would like any changes made to our regular Cremation Memorials such as:

Combining Hair & Ashes into a Memorial item
Adding 2 colours into your Cremation Memorial item
Requesting a colour match or unique shade for your Cremation Memorial
Combining more than one set ashes into a Cremation Memorial item (no more than 2 sets of ashes per item)
Silver Name Tag Charm to go with your Cremation memorial order (see image)
Men's Leather Bracelet with ashes in glass charm bead